International OCD Foundation (IOCDF)

Our Programs

Annual Conference 

  • The only national conference dedicated to OCD and related disorders.
  • The conference is an opportunity for people with OCD and their families, researchers, and mental health professionals to share their personal experiences and learn beside one another during more than 100 presentations.
  • Well-known OCD researchers and experienced clinicians introduce their latest theories and research findings and demonstrate their successful treatment techniques.

Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) 

  • Addresses the shortage of therapists who are properly trained in the cognitive behavioral treatment of OCD.
  • Since 1995, the BTTI faculty has trained hundreds of therapists around the country to provide the most up-to-date, effective treatments for OCD.

Research Grants 

  • The IOCDF awards grants to investigators whose research focuses on the nature, causes and treatment of OCD and related disorders.
  • The money to fund these awards is donated by our members and friends of the Foundation.
  • Since 1994, over $2,700,000 in research grants have been awarded.

Speakers Bureau 

  • Includes people with OCD and family members who understand firsthand the challenges of the disorder as well as respected clinical and research experts who treat those with OCD.
  • Our speakers provide informative presentations and interviews to a variety of audiences

OCD Newsletter

  • One of the benefits of being an IOCDF member, our quarterly newsletter includes updates about the latest in research, resources, and recovery in OCD.

IOCDF Affiliates 

  • Affiliates carry out the mission of the national organization at a local community level.

OCD in Kids 

  • The Foundation's pediatric website, is an excellent source of OCD information for children, parents, therapists, and school personnel. 
  • Funding has also been secured for a pilot program in Boston that will educate pediatricians and primary care providers about OCD in children, especially PANDAS/PANS.
  • Coming in 2013, the Foundation will also be redesigning the popular OCD in the Classroom Kit. The program seeks to educate school personnel about how OCD impacts a child's school performance and methods for making accommodations for children with OCD.

OCD Awareness Week 

  • The IOCDF and its affiliates from across the country come together each October to educate their communities and the public as a whole about obsessive compulsive disorder and its treatments.

Genetics Collaborative Board 

  • Encourages researchers focusing in genetics to work with one another and to share their findings and DNA samples.
  • The goal of the Board is to identify the genetic causes of OCD.